Produced by Frankie Valentine and Vesper White.

Dubbed an “Uninhibited celebration of Woman” by Theatre Press, Baby Got Back is all that and more. A show of flesh, sex, profanity & comedy chaos, this all girl cast will take you on a feminist exploration of the female body in all it's glory. Smashing down the paradigms of femaleness, Baby Got Back is equal parts striptease, comedy and social/political commentary.  

Featuring a cast comprised of dancers, strippers, showgirls, puppeteers, comedians and queer performance artists; The Baby Got Back collective presents an hour-long psychosexual adventure of projection mashups & remixed soundscapes, burlesque shakedowns & stripper mayhem, absurdist performance art & naked circus. Expect to laugh, to think and to be turned on. 


“…It’s clever, unashamedly feminist and utterly brilliant…” The Australia Times
 “…A truly beautiful piece of body-positive art disguised as sexy showgirl realness…” -
“The hour-long show has been wonderfully produced by the talented Vesper White and Frankie Valentine to not only follow more traditional burlesque routines, but to step outside and willingly take creative risks to truly showcase their message of body pride and empowerment in sexuality.” - The Music
"...Sexy, hilariously funny, remarkably creative..." - OutinPerth
“…This is a thoroughly engrossing show that sustains its momentum for the full hour and expertly weaves themes of feminism and empowerment throughout…” - The Music
“…Baby Got Back is an intelligent, funny and empowering burlesque-cabaret that is not to be missed…” -
“…full frontal nudity, feminism, and comedy. Literally, the best combination I could think of. So go and see it; it’s fucking sexy and fucking empowering…” - Rotunda Media